Hawaii is the dream destination of many as one of the most beautiful islands. It is a destination so desirable that it has accumulated some legends around it. Universally considered to be one of the closest manifestations of heaven on earth, Hawaii is a place like any other with its fair share of problems. It won’t be perfect, unless you are into any form of surfing it seems. Fans of surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and similar disciplines consider Hawaii to be in a league of its own. But why? Is there something to it, or is it just really good tourism marketing?

Hawaii benefits primarily from its climate and location. It is the closest point to the equator in the United States and is an archipelago far removed from any landmass for quite a distance. This unique combination of warmth and remoteness deliver some of the best possible surfing conditions. Absence of large landmass in any reasonable proximity means the water is incredibly clean. It’s turquoise color and warmth mean that surfers of all disciplines get an otherworldly experience of being able to ride big waves with big winds without wearing a wetsuit and having to come back ashore from being exhausted by the cold. You can just come back from hours of windsurfing, lay down on the sand, and have a nap. Not that we would recommend you do it, it’s just nice to know that the opportunity is there.

And being an archipelago of islands instead of a continental coast means that you will have both waves and wind at every point in the year at some Hawaiian location. Looking for some action in winter? Head on down to the Northern shore starting late Fall. Summer’s coming? Best relocate to the southern shores as the north begins to get less wind. This advice is for those who are looking to ride those big waves and get airborne on some of those oceanic winds. If you are a novice, however, you should follow the opposite advice.

The locals are aware of their geographical privilege, and the rich local culture of watersports has been picked up by entrepreneurs. The amount of surfer-specific infrastructure Hawaii has to offer is simply unrivaled anywhere in the world. Special surfing resorts, schools and communities can be found all over. If you’re new to windsurfing, the programs and schools for beginners in Hawaii are some of the best in the world. And you can endlessly advance your skill here too, as there is no shortage of challenging waters and strong winds to help you hone your skill at any season of the year. Also, if you are in need of any windsurfing gear, you’re almost certain to find it here. Finally, despite the long flight, some of the worlds best international windsurfing competitions are held here. That is because the behavior of the wind and water in Hawaii is fairly predictable if you know which beach to pick at which point in the year. That allows the organisers to be sure that year in and year out there is almost a guarantee of a great spectacle as professional water sports athletes battle it out against some of the tallest waves and strongest winds in the world.

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