Each person has their element, and for a lot of people that element is water. Growing up by the sea or the ocean definitely helps, but you don’t have to be born and raised on the coast to realise the glory of spending time in open water, with no distractions and a raw energy that you will not find anywhere else. You’ll also find no shortage of choice when it comes to water sports, varying in levels of intensity. Windsurfing, however, is special. Here are some of the best reasons to try windsurfing. A try is all you’ll need, because once you get a taste of it you won’t need any more convincing.

It is affordable

Of course, affordable is a relative term. There are sports that require significantly less gear to enjoy, but those sports almost invariably happen on dry land. Water based activities will certainly involve some set of gear. Luckily, when you’re learning, it’s likely you will do so in a windsurfing school, which is sure to have equipment for rent. The windsurfing schools know that it doesn’t make sense for beginners to buy their own beginner’s gear. This usually involves a wide board and a smaller, lighter sail to help with balance, and to reduce the effort necessary to control the sail while the body gets used to the whole setup. But it doesn’t take a long time to get the hang of things and begin craving greater speed and agility. That’s when you begin to really spend money, but by then it is all worth it.

It is not difficult

It genuinely isn’t difficult, even though it looks like it should be. Surfing takes time to learn and you only have the board to worry about. Here you have a board and a sail, which should be twice as hard. Actually, the sail is your friend; it is the thing that allows you to enjoy the water under in broader set of circumstances than regular surfing. Most people can get the hang of windsurfing in about a day of continuous practice, although full day may be tiresome. If you practice for three days straight, several hours a day, you’ll be able to windsurf in a leisurely way no problem at all. And practice rarely comes at the risk of injury, apart from a few bruises.

There is a community, but you don’t need it

Any decent windsurfing spot will have a solid group of regulars who constitute the backbone of the local windsurfing community. In most cases it is super friendly and helpful, and joining one of these groups on social media will make sure that you know when the next group ride is being organised. Being part of a “fleet” is incredibly fun and can be a fantastic way to make friends outside of the workplace. However, because the sport is easy to learn and is quite safe, unless you are deliberately reaching for the extreme, you can do it on your own. Just because there is a strong social aspect to it doesn’t mean you are required to participate. You can take a ride on the waves alone to unwind and escape, and then the next day get together with thirty other people. With windsurfing you get the best of both worlds.



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