Buoyancy Aid

With the main two pieces of equipment out of the way, we can now discuss some other items you will need for windsurfing. One such item is a buoyancy aid. I know, a buoyancy aid sounds like something a child who doesn’t know how to swim would need. But rest assured – it is necessary. One of the reasons why, is that you’re not swimming in a pool – oftentimes you are far out in violent waters, where there is strong winds, and, in turn, high speeds. There were many instances of people losing control of their windsurf and hitting the water rather hard. You might be surprised to learn this, but many surfers got knocked out by hitting water at high speed. And while the loss of consciousness only lasts a minute or so, that time is enough for you to drown. That’s why a buoyancy aid is absolutely essential. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a clumsy naval life-vest. There are plenty of light options that strap just around your chest area to keep you afloat and with your head above the water in an accident. Manufacturers have also caught on to the unattractiveness of the buoyancy aid, and are making efforts to create ones with sleeker designs.


Unless you are located in a tropical region, the water is likely to be too cold for you to be in for extended periods of time without additional thermal insulation. That is what a wetsuit essentially is. What you are looking for is size and season. The retailer will help you pick out the right size if you know your measurements. The thickness of the lining will depend on the temperature of the water you are planning to delve into. Thickness is denoted with two numbers, for example, a 5/3mm wetsuit. These numbers indicate wetsuit thickness at the torso, and arms and legs respectively. Most wetsuits will already have a water temperature range rating on them, so as long as you know what temperature the waters are, picking one out should be easy. You’re likely to end up owning a couple of wetsuits, some of which will have short sleeves and leggings for when it is warm but not too warm. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll have the ice-cold water surfing wetsuits, with hoods for your head, and well insulated boots.



Sunglasses in windsurfing are more necessary than you might think. Yes, their use will mostly be limited to sunny days. But when those sunny days come, there is no way to do without them. The glare from the water during a sunny day can be blinding to the point where windsurfing is rendered impossible. There are special windsurfing glasses available with a strap for secure wearing, and special coating that repels water and doesn’t let the lenses fog up. If you try wearing your regular sunglasses while surfing, you’re sure to lose them within 5 minutes.

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