As it is called the island of never-ending spring that has warm water all year round, beautiful beaches, ocean breeze, good waves, the temperature that usually is above 20°C and clear sunny sky almost every day, the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is such a paradise for windsurfers. Almost every meter of its coastline is as a beach, so you can choose from wild volcanic sand beaches to those that look like a paradise with golden sand and palm trees. The beach culture is highly developed there, as a result, not only professionals can windsurf there. Beginners will find a bunch of camps, schools and instructors to learn how to ride on those waves.

If you are planning your trip to Tenerife, we suggest you choose one of our most beloved places to jump on board for the first time. This island can offer much more than just Teide National Park or lazy touristic sleep at Playa de Las Americas. Vamos!

La Tejita

Located in the Southern part of the island, close to the airport, the main highway, and the best hotels, La Tejita is just a perfect spot for the first-time windsurf beginners and first-time visitors in Tenerife. The golden beach of Sahara sand, palms and cactus trees all over the landscape and mountains in the horizon will give a perfect background for your pictures. The windsurfing spot in La Tejita is well-equipped, so you can rent everything there. Friendly, professional instructors who speak English perfectly will give you the basic training, show all the moves you have to do and will protect you from drowning down after your first waves.

La Tejita is the perfect spot to learn windsurfing from scratch because this beach is surrounded by the natural cliff, so it produces easy and not dangerous waves that offer both left- and right-hand waves. The bottom of the ocean is shallow and sandy here, so there is no risk of drowning. You can find great bars, cafes, shops and walking around places there, as well as, many options for accommodations which makes La Tejita perfect spot for your vacation.


El Medano

This place can be called a highlight of windsurfing in Tenerife! El Medano is the main venue for both professionals and beginners. The small resort is located in the south part and just 20 minutes from the Reina Sofia Airport. The excellent wind, wave, and beach conditions make it one of the most popular spots in the Canaries. Besides the windsurfing, you find many other activities and a bunch of accommodation choices offering excellent value.

The access to water is easy, the bottom is sandy without hidden rocks, so it is very safe. The place is surrounded by mountains and cliffs that create sheltered conditions inshore. The windsurf center will provide all the necessary equipment. There are two the main different windsurfing areas: South Bay is good for intermediates who already know the basics and the North Bay that is dedicated to the professionals with a few meters waves.

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