If you type in a search bar of Google something like “best windsurfing spots”, the various beaches of Tenerife will show up as the top results. This is not a result of good marketing or paid advertisements. It could be said that almost the whole coastline of Tenerife is the top venue of windsurfing because of the ideal natural conditions such as the ocean, mountains, sandy bottom, and paradise-look beaches. 

Tenerife can offer you warm water and sunny days all year around. However, the best time for windsurfing is between May and September when the wind is strong but still predictable. There are so many spots around this island for windsurfing that would be good beginners and experts. And here we share just a few and the most popular places.

El Arenal

The most northern spot for windsurfing in Tenerife. Don’t worry, the weather is perfectly sunny, and the water is warm. The northern part is greener than the southern part and here you can find natural volcanic beaches of black sand, so it feels even more exotic. This part is not so touristic, as a result, the accommodation, food and windsurfing equipment is cheaper. Here you can feel the true and authentic vibe of Tenerife. Just keep in mind one warning – you might fall in love with everything and don’t want to leave.

The windsurfing spot at El Arenal is perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers because the place is more open for the direct ocean wind and there is no surrounding cliff. Usually, the waves there are both left and right with N-NW swell, so they can reach the height up to 150 cm, as a result, it is suggested to surf on a mid-tide with a 2-3ft swell running. The area is open and there can be holes on the bottom because of the direct ocean flows, that’s why it is not suggested for the beginners.



The northeastern coast of Tenerife is more friendly for beginners to learn or to improve their windsurfing skills. The resort of Candelaria is great for newbies and intermediates during the season and a challenging venue for professionals during the months of winter when the wind is stronger. However, this place is very popular because of the nice landscape and good prices, so windsurfers of all levels congregate here all year round. There are a few windsurfing centers and they can offer the best equipment of the well-known brands, skilled instructors and even training courses for windsurfers of different ages and levels. Apart from the excellent natural conditions of Candelaria, the infrastructure is also well prepared here. Many events related to windsurfing are held here and even some national and world championship windsurfing.

Waves are high but the location is safe as it is not very open. It is recommended to surf at the middle tide with a 4-5ft swell running. The waves usually are from the right and producing a wall that can be up to 50 m, but it depends on the wind and other meteorological conditions.

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