Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in northern Italy. In this region, you can expect countless opportunities for an active holiday which not only include surfing but much more. Whether hiking, climbing or swimming, tourists never get bored on Lake Garda. Many travellers use this to relax from stressful everyday life and to enjoy nature. With the following tips, an active holiday on Lake Garda will be an experience for every visitor, because here you will find exciting nature and countless cultural highlights as well as the country’s famous cuisine.

Surfers are, of course, enthusiastic about the rough breeze on the lake. Here the wind is reliable most of the time and it ensures that the water on Lake Garda never stands still. So, the conditions for surfers are perfect here. Therefore, it is no wonder that the lake is one of the most popular hot spots of surfing enthusiasts in all of Europe. In summer, surfers from all over the world meet and conquer the lake even in stormy times. The coastal towns in the north are the most popular. Here windsurfers can reach up to 60 kilometers per hour on their boards, whereas beginners should concentrate on the south of Lake Garda instead. It’s a little quieter there.

Hike, Climb, and Enjoy

But the possibilities for an active vacation have only just begun. The mountain landscape on Lake Garda is also ideal for hiking. Those who explore nature here will find idyllic meadows, picturesque olive groves and rugged rocky paths. Most of the routes are well signposted and are also suitable for beginners. The Busatte-Tempesta panorama trail is the most popular because it offers numerous viewpoints. The start is in the port city of Torbole. From there, the route heads south for around ten kilometers.

Hike, Climb, and Enjoy
Hike, Climb, and Enjoy

If you prefer something more spectacular, you can also climb wonderfully at Lake Garda. After all, the lake borders the Italian Alps. There are numerous climbing areas in the north. Here you can let off steam in climbing gardens as well as on via Ferrata or free climbing. The Mediterranean temperatures make this sport possible almost all year round. Moreover, a world championship is held once a year in the mountain village of Arco. Then the best climbers in the world meet at the Rock Master. The scene of the spectacle is the city’s climbing stadium. What’s more, visitors can also explore the numerous peaks and viewing platforms on Lake Garda by cable car. There are several of them around the Monte Baldo Mountain; the cars bring the vacationers up the slopes and car cabins offer a breathtaking view of the landscape.

Aside from sport, you can also relax in many other areas. These include, for example, numerous leisure activities. On Lake Garda, visitors will find carousels, zoos, and water rides as numerous amusement parks are located around the lake. One of them is Gardaland; it is the largest amusement park in Italy. It has its own water park and a total of three thermal spa hotels.

After a strenuous day, this region of Italy is the perfect place to enjoy the delicacies of the country. That, of course, also includes wine. After all, Lake Garda is one of the most famous wine-producing regions of the country, and wine tasting is an ideal opportunity to get to know this. A holiday in the surfing paradise of Lake Garda is an unforgettable experience.

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